Francesca Owens... international emerging artist  

deborah grigsby, photography, photographer, photo series

Roberto Dragoni... vicepresidente di Scattando Italia 

Angel in the WINGS ...
An intimate look at the children behind these parents who are chronically ill. Many become emotionally adults, younger than nature intended them too. These children become their parents' mini caregivers behind the closed doors of their homes. This photo series shows the tender moments of fear and love when a child is allowed to be "A CHILD" for once.

roberto dragoni, photography, photographer, photo series
roberto dragoni, photography, photographer, photo series
deborah grigsby, photography, photographer, photo series

Cat Woman of Spoleto...

This body of work is a metaphor for the emotional disguise artists often wear. Much like alley cats, artists are suspicious of others—particularly other artists. They are elusive and hide feelings and illness well, until an eventual confrontation establishes boundaries. An international collaboration between artists Francesca Owens and Deborah Grigsby, “The Cat Woman of Spoleto,” with its antique wet-plate look, illustrates the ambiguity and cloudiness of artistic vision. This 20 piece exhibition opens the hearts of the artists, but yet, like cats, allows them to remain in the shadows, behind their respective masks, Owens, behind a white animal mask, and Grigsby behind the camera.  here.

The series...

Born in the Bronx in 1962, Francesca Owens grew up just north of New York City in Westchester, New York. She began her art career in Denver, CO, studying under master watercolorists Victor Martinez and Stephen Quiller, plus honing her unique vision at Metropolitan State University. Owens’ love of color theory, using bold, vibrant colors that evoke primal emotions, influences her semi-abstract approach to watercolor painting. Her fearless use of in-your-face colors evolved into a World Wildlife Fund and Save The Tiger endangered-tiger conservation show and partnership. Owens has exhibited her work in solo shows throughout the Midwest USA and Italy. 2006 brought a pivotal change to Owens’ lifestyle and art, a change that redirected her work to focusing on her own survival after suffering a medical crisis. Ten years of surviving multiple heart surgeries and monthly intravenous therapy, she continues to push the envelope with one-of-a-kind art installations, mixing mediums and materials. Most recently, when forced with medical bed-rest, Owens uncovered a true-life CIA-Cold War espionage story which she later converted into an ArtCHivio installation. Owens refuses to be limited by her illness, instead embracing her illness as deepening her insight that art should foster a social platform.

Meet our artists...

Deborah Grigsby...international award  winning photographer

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