Bohemiare has America's Art story from the
Cold war. Many possibilities exist of what we can  do with this TRUE SPY story, but we need help. Without volunteers, ideas or funding, this art installation is limited. Are you passionate about the ART, THE CULTURAL COLD WAR or AMERICA's TRUE ART HISTORY?  Send us your idea! (no spaces in email)
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A unique true story set in the mid-1950s through the early 1960s.  Italy’s Spoleto historical center is the primary stage with transitions to Paris, NYC and flashes to Milan, Rome and Cuba. During this intense period of history, as part of the US’s cultural and intellectual warfare programme to counter the Soviet Bloc, the CIA infiltrated and funded the Festival of Two Worlds – a lively arts festival founded in the 1950s and staged in two venues, Spoleto in Italy and Charleston in the US. As part of this plan, some of the most powerful and best known artistic talents in the world of dance, music and theater were brought to perform in the small but spectacularly beautiful Umbrian hilltown. 

This ArtCHivio installation is a combination of over 40 antique authentic items collected from over 10 countries, from an authentic 1962 Russian Communist Drummer Id badge, to 1958 Russian propaganda stamps or lapel pins, to antique opera glasses from Paris or Rockefeller political campaign cards of the early 1960’s. Other pieces where reconstructed by hand like the Alexander Calder’s wire head of Giovanni Carandente or the miniature handmade cocktail drinks set upon a bronze serving trays representing the private roof top cocktail parties at Casa Menotti. This creative one of a kind installation is a work of art combined with research from over 50 international archives thus creating an ArtCHivio Installation.


 1 July at 18:30 till 20:00


1 July - 17 July 2017

Spoleto Hospital

Inside main entrance
"San Matteo degli Infermi"

Via Loreto, 3, 06049 Spoleto PG​

​​​Spoleto Files: Modern Arte,  Music & 

The  Cold War ​​ ArtCHiVio Installation