Cognitive Impairment

What experts are saying

Forgotten Plague Film - Ryan Prior
Unrest Film - Jen Brea

Under Our Skin Film - Andy Abrahams Wilson

Dr. Nancy Klimas - INIM NOVA SE
Dr. Leonard Jason - DePaul University


Cardiac  issues - POTS -  Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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 "Stolen Lives - ME/CFS stories

portrayed through art"

donating makes it possible for ME/CFS stories

to be shown through exhibitions that main stream media report on. Art & photo exhibits 

give others a glimpse into our world.

Your tax deductible funding will provides:
Printing large HQ canvas photo series,

collapsible but durable & light weight

metal display racks, economical frames,

a hired relations expert, assistance with

press releases, ongoing grant writing

training to win additional funding, 

​​​  Francesca organizes housebound disabled

volunteers who work as they can. She has

demonstrated her ability to use creativity for

the greater good. 

Dr. Nancy Klimas, INIM NOVA

This is well worth supporting.

Exhibition is a great idea. Love the

video, extremely well done.

Leonard Jason PHD, DePaul University​​

IV IgG, Saline and or Rituximab treatments

The two of me with ME by Deborah Grigsby

An inflamed brain

This is very good, professionally done and effective. ME/CFS is a long-neglected but increasingly recognized complex immune system disorder. 

Terry E. Robinson, PhD. University of Michigan

Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience