​"What's your cocktail? IV IgG"  by Francesca Owens

Vision: A world using art to heal & connect


 Bohemiare increases accessible connections between people 

& nonprofits, enhancing messages with story-telling art​ 

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​While art is an excellent communication tool, the traveling expenses and professional rental fees involved with exhibitions are usually cost prohibitive to nonprofits. So, Bohemiare makes traveling art exhibitions available for nonprofits’ events at little to no cost. Exhibitions are currently offered throughout the United States and throughout central Italy. ​

Nonprofit organizations use charitable and educational events to communicate with the public regarding social issues such as health, cultural awareness, environmental protection, human rights, and other subjects that affect the quality of life. Events may  involve charitable services, educational seminars, speeches, debates, celebrity appearances, entertainment, recreational activities, and multimedia presentations. Bohemiare’s volunteers connect traveling art exhibitions with  charitable  or educational events making exhibits available for little to no cost to the nonprofit organizations.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bohemiare offers artwork that supports the missions of many nonprofits. Nonprofits accomplish more by combining art exhibitions with other activities at their events. The story-telling art increases attendance, encourages dialog among event attendees, and promotes understanding, tolerance, and support of important social issues.