Sometimes it's a matter of re-believing in ourselves. Over 9 years of my life was stolen by an insurance company's misdiagnosis who then refused to pay for my first magic drug.

Six more years trying to rebuild my body to a new minimum stable of self-care with dashes of hope for dreams unfinished.

Bohemiare was that dream in 2005 but started in 2014 and realized in 2016. Pieces started to fall together and they continue to fall together.

If any of this sounds like you, then maybe following on Twitter, Instragram and being in Bohemiare’s facebook group is that place to start.

The power is in numbers. If we all group together from our couches and beds, even if in pajama’s, we can have the power of our voice.

If there is a project that you wanted to crowdfund for and could actually see it through in completion, then this might be the place for you.

We are building our tribal following and when we are called on to serve, we can become that safety net and reinforcement net at the same time. Click above and follow the links to see what Bohemian type of thing we are currently doing Join in!

Reclaiming our dreams...
Reclaiming our lives stolen by

chronic invisible illnesses

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